“We were all crazy-busy and spinning our wheels – like ‘headless chickens’ making no progress. It was hopeless confusion which left everyone frustrated”.

Is it time for your company to move past unproductive hyperactivity so all the hard work pays off?

Build kick-ass teams who work together to succeed in turning the Masterplan into reality, effectively and efficiently.

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Our acclaimed Leadership Program has masterclasses with methods for turning unproductive hyperactive teams into highly efficient teams that get sh** done!



With the Chief of the Year program at CoA Academy we got all our managers and their teams aligned with our Masterplan AND we also gave them practical tools to make sure they all stay on track, every day.
No more running round in circles!!

CoA’s next level tools and methods equipped everyone to deliver the masterplan in harmony.

Yes, we want our team to be productive, efficient AND happy!

Proven Results: After Chief of the Year companies report:



“My team’s increase in productivity was directly proportionate to my growth in leadership skills”



“We created a more positive work environment with more employee happiness and loyalty.”



“We saved on recruiting costs by making smarter hiring decisions.”

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Chief of the Year program – Available worldwide in multiple languages spoken by >2.4bn people

“Sharing experiences with fellow leaders on everyday challenges is invaluable. I can immediately apply what I learn.”

Verena Dietrich, MVZ Praxisklinik

“After Chief of the Year, I got promoted and I thrived–in a challenging environment–thanks to the deep personal and professional skills I gained.”

Moritz Dreger, ADFERENCE

“Every time, I immediately take away something I can integrate into my daily life.”

Mica Metzger, Recup

“I’ve learned invaluable leadership perspectives from leaders around the world–all remotely.”

Sean Gerard, Epicenter Innovation

“Chief of the Year is practical and transformative. Immediately applicable methods and the peer exchange are invaluable.”

​​Anna Bündermann, Kuchentratsch

“CoA Academy develops leaders for the world of today”

Natalia Satleikina, Miele

All these companies and more have been on the CoA Academy journey…

Yes, I would like a FREE 30 min Consultation with a CoA Leadership Expert to see how CoA can help overcome our challenges and empower the team to succeed…

“Here at CoA we’ve got great tools to stop all that frustrating unproductive hyperactivity… well-formed goals, Aufgabentrennung, meeting rhythms, delegation – it all adds up to everyone happily getting sh** done!!”


Chairman & Founder, CoA Academy

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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author.

“Practical and well researched tools to take the stress out of giving effective feedback and creating teams that thrive.”

Verne Harnish

Founder of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) and bestselling author.

“These guys have put a massive spotlight on what is a very awkward topic for most managers and bosses.”

Prof. William R. Kerr

Harvard Professor of Business & Entrepreneurial Management.

“Whether you are a new leader, or a seasoned veteran, reap the dividends of better team performance.”

Dr. Geoff Smart

Founder of ghSMART and New York Times bestselling author.

“A practical and much-needed guide on how to give better feedback to build better teams.”

We really want to empower our teams with next level tools and methods for delivering the Masterplan!


for the hard work to pay off


for the hard work to pay off