We don’t consult. We don’t dictate. We nurture and empower you to arrive at the answers yourself.

Our professionally trained and certified coaches have real world entrepreneurial experience, and we practice what we preach. The problem-solving methods and leadership techniques you’ll learn are the same one’s we’ve applied time and time again in our own successful ventures.

We’re on the factory floor with you. We love a relaxed and casual atmosphere, but we’re serious about success. If you are too, we’d love you to join us.

We’re aiming for the sky and we encourage our participants to do the same. Our goal is for CoA to become one of the world’s leading providers of remote leadership training and education. We’ll get there by helping today’s leaders grow their businesses and achieve their potential.

Our CoA Alumni
Meet your coaches

Michael Portz

Certified trainer with EO Accelerator and INSIGHTS globally

Mike has over 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, executive and coach. He has launched numerous brands and managed teams of up to 2500 people. His impressive rap sheet includes growing a company from 0-400 people in four years, with $500 million in sales and an IPO of $2.2 billion! As a serial Entrepreneur, he loves building sales & marketing machines.

Mike has lived all around the world with his young family and run businesses in USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Watch out – give him a piano and a glass of wine and he might just sing a few songs for you!

  • p: +4915222787217 

Christian Kohlhof

Certified NLP-Coach, Hypnocoach and Communications Trainer

Christian is highly skilled in management, negotiation, business planning, retail and coffee drinking. Through his focus on establishing effective structures and smooth processes, he has supported the growth of many entrepreneurs and start-ups.

A highlight of his own portfolio includes successfully scaling-up his own company to 350 employees and €18 million annual turnover before selling to private equity investors. Ask him about his ‘relaxed productivity’ method and watch his eyes light up!

  • p: +491622785450

Nina Reiter-Mönke

Certified Trainer (DVNLP) and Hypno-Master Coach (DVH)

For over 11 years, Nina has been a successful entrepreneur and Managing Director of a Property and Project Development company, responsible for major projects around Cologne. She specialises in family business transitions and personal development coaching for individuals and teams alike.

Nina has an unfalteringly motivational approach to coaching, and loves nothing more than teasing out and strengthening the hidden skills and talents of people she works with. She also coparents a beautiful puppy, called Bobby, with Andreas.

  • p: +491634942096

Andreas Mönke

Certified Trainer (DVNLP) and Hypno-Master Coach (DVH)

Andy is a passionate entrepreneur, founding and managing several successful start-ups himself and supporting and mentoring a number of business owners today. He specialises in life coaching and executive coaching.

Andy knows that achieving professional growth starts with personal growth and loves to see people thriving in their hobbies and passions. His own hobbies include traveling, psychology, sports and being a good dad to his faithful boxer, Bobby.

  • p: +491726205874

CoA Custom Workshops and Remote Team Building Events

Book our coaches to guide you and your team through some of our most successful workshops. Choose one or combine multiple workshops for a program or team building event tailored to your business.

With our passionate coaches, each workshop is guaranteed to be a high-energy, motivational experience! We operate in a very hands-on, collaborative style, designed for maximum involvement and maximum output.

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