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Dynamize Remote Team Building Events

Welcome to the future of team building and strategy workshops.

We help entrepreneurs establish key habits that drive better business results. Through collaborative learning techniques, our expert coaches will get your team aligned with your company’s strategic direction.

We interrogate four critical business disciplines to get your team moving as one.

This is Ground Zero. It’s time for the team to communicate, clarify and become aligned to your business’s Purpose, Values and Vision using the greatest strategy model of all time.

How do you turn a group of people into a world-class-high-performance-virtuoso-kickass team? We’ll cover building the right team, assessing their performance and taking action to improve productivity and satisfaction levels.

Got the strategy, got the team – now it’s time for the doing! We’ll review and evolve your annual strategy and decide what needs to start, stop and continue to make your next six months outstanding. What processes need improvement? What structures can be tweaked for better efficiency? What are your customers telling you?

The proof is in the numbers! What are your KPI’s telling you? We analyse your performance and that of your competitors. By focusing on your revenue, profit and dashboards, we can inform your strategy going forward.

Workshop format

Using the latest in remote conferencing, Dynamize allows hundreds of your staff to beam in from around the globe.

You’ll be guided through the workshops by our expert CoA coaches, who will facilitate a level of collaboration and engagement that’s simply not attainable in location-based events.

Your team will spend time split into breakout groups, brainstorming and sharing ideas, with the use of live polls for monitoring progress throughout the events.

What you need

Participants only require a stable internet connection, a quiet room and an appetite to learn!

Dynamize is able to cater to groups of over 100 participants at the same time.

“I still feel energised by this excellently organised and well-conducted remote workshop for 50+ enmaccians based in their home offices across Europe. Michael's coaching team did an amazing job moderating and managing content & speakers, with very professional time management and high-spec technology, productive breakouts and a good share of fun”
Marc R.

Marc R.

Global Account Manager, Enmacc.

Want to know more?

Speak to us today about how Dynamize could reinvigorate your business!

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