Become the best leader with our new book!
Why is it that companies with a strong leadership culture are more successful than others?

This book takes you on a journey to real leadership. For all executives, managers, team leaders or chiefs of anything who want to learn to lead companies, people and teams even better in order to achieve more, this book is just right!

  • Learn the four elements to great leadership – leading myself, leading others, leading teams and leading organisations
  • Get the skills to successfully deal with any situation and manage your team so that everyone can be happy and truly satisfied.
  • Understand the philosophy of ‘Relaxed Productivity’ and the different methodologies for managing yourself and your team
  • Easy conversational style text, This is NOT one of those dry, complex leadership novels
  • Learn the same skills in leadership we teach here at COA Academy on our remote learning program ‘Chief of the Year’
These are ‘performance enhancing’ tips for great leadership

Michael Portz


Christian Kohlhof


After spending many years leading companies, we created this book on how to manage yourself, your team or your company.

Ask yourself this question:

“Do I need to work hard to be a success?”

The answer might shock you.

The answer is “No”.

Michael Portz and Christian Kohlhof from Chief of Anything Academy have made this book after many years of leading companies. They believe in the phrase “Relaxed Productivity” in order to achieve their leadership goals and visions and believe that you can do the same.

They teach this philosophy on the Chief of the Year Remote Leadership Programme and this has been the basis for everything in the book.  

It’s super practical and you’ll love it! So, get out there, order it now, do NOT wait.

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Become your best self and learn the methods to lead successfully