It may shock you to know that it actually requires ‘conflict’ in order to build a Kick-Ass Team to deliver outstanding world-class results!

AND… it takes a magical ingredient…

In German, you may know it as ‘Menschenkenntnis’ – it literally means ‘knowing people’.

In this 3.5-hour Live Workshop Event we’ll use a mixture of psychology and personality profiling that will show you how all people are made up of billions of rainbow colours of human individuality – by using ‘colours’ to reflect the commonality of human behaviour. You’ll be able to use this new-found knowledge to achieve practical leadership outcomes of success and greater team management.


349 EUR

DATE: 03.06.2022

Start at: 8:50 AM (9:00 AM SHARP)
End: 12:30 PM


Menschenkenntnis will teach you these 3 things:


Get to know yourself better - How to ‘Know Thyself’

Learn to know where you stand yourself before you try to understand others.


Understand how to read other people

Start to feel their personality types and build up your competence and ability to recognize from behaviour where they might be in the rainbow.


How to adjust your behaviour to be a better Manager and Leader

We’ll teach you how you can move into the other person’s energy and begin to give feedback that is motivating for their energy.

What you’ll get:

A 20+ page personal psychological profile officially created by Insights Group® psychometric profiling. This method is used by many big corporates worldwide and we are making it available for growth and start-up companies at a fraction of the cost.

Please note: You’ll need to complete the Insights profile questionnaire before taking part in this event. The self-assessment takes about 15 minutes. After booking a ticket, you will receive a link to the questionnaire. If you already have an Insights profile, please contact to get a discounted ticket price.

A session that is conducted by a certified trainer – Michael Portz. He has over 25 years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur and coach. He has established numerous brands and led teams of up to 2,500 people. As a founder of CoA Academy he is also the co-author of “Chief of Anything” – the special book about leadership, rated 5 stars on Amazon.

You’ll receive a certificate upon completion that will acknowledge your participation and the psychological profile officially created by Insights Group® 

You’ll be in a remote learning group with inspiring leaders from all over the world.

The most pragmatic psychological leadership tool in the world that you can apply, every day.

Register your interest today and start your personal breakthrough journey.