It's 2022 and the pandemic isn't over yet!

How are you leading your life this year?

This is your chance to make a difference. Right now!

It’s My Life is a new remote event format from the CoA Academy.

Right now is the time to take matters into your own hands!

Realize what really matters to you in order to live the life that fulfills you.

On this day, our professional leadership coaches take you on a journey to discover your very personal purpose and define your vision and values.

Take control of your future today.

Ticket price

99 EUR

Date: 01.12.2022

Start at: 8:50 AM  (9:00 AM SHARP)
End: 12:30 PM

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Michael Portz


Michael Portz

Michael has over 25 years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur and coach. He has established numerous brands and led teams of up to 2,500 people. Part of his résumé was building a company from 0 to 400 employees with sales of $ 500 million in four years. The company had a market capitalization of $ 2.2 billion when it went public. As a serial entrepreneur, Michael loves to build real sales and marketing machines.

Michael has lived around the world with his young family and has run businesses in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Prepare yourself – give him a piano and a glass of wine and he might sing a few songs for you!

Michael is also the co-author of “Chief of Anything” – the special book about leadership, rated 5 stars on Amazon.

How it works:
The simple steps of It’s My Life

How it works:
The simple steps of It’s My Life

Step 1

Create your Purpose
At the heart of it all is ‘Why’ ‘Wherefore’ am I here? Sounds big, but don’t worry, we’ll take you through some dynamic exercises to help you draw this out.

Step 2

Where do you want to go?
2022 is exactly the right time for your new you – where do you want to be? In other words, what is your vision?

Step 3

How do I get there?
This is all about how you’re going to behave. It’s about what you hold dear which we often call our Values.

Step 4

What are my strategies?
Let’s get strategic and figure out what we need to do to achieve that Vision and the order we need to and create a difference in 2022.

That’s it, now we go make it real! Every day, Every week, Every month!

Start the new you today and enjoy your life…