People who lead a happy life are more productive at work.

End of story. Drop the mic. Seems brutally obvious, doesn’t it?

How do I get myself and my team into a happy, more productive space?
How do we build deeper trust in our team to achieve even more together?

If these questions are important to you then our LIVE remote event ‘It’s My Life’ is a journey to help find the answers.

In It’s My Life we use what we at CoA Academy call the ‘The Greatest Leadership Model of ALL TIME’ for discovering life purpose, defining personal Vision, eliciting Values – all of which provide a toolkit for unlocking team potential.

Ticket price

99 EUR

Date: 01.12.2022

Start at: 8:50 AM  (9:00 AM SHARP)
End: 12:30 PM

Countdown to the event!

You might come out of this session thinking “This was really useful for me as a leader because”

  • I understood how peoples’ personal lives linked to a business plan
  • I figured out strategies to get to my vision
  • I learned how to make better values-fit decisions when hiring new staff
  • I can now unlock greater productivity in my team

What we need from you – to help you grow successfully – is to come with an open-mind, to be ambitious for the outcome, and to expect this to be a fun and entertaining experience that the founders at CoA Academy have used with thousands of people over years to help Leaders and teams succeed with ease.

Our coaches at CoA Academy have decades of combined experience in scaling companies from the ground up, in leading organisations with tens, hundreds and thousands of people, and with leadership development.

In other words, they may well have climbed in very similar terrain that you are navigating right now. And, as we know, sharing experiences in a confidential setting with an intimate group peer-to-peer group is a powerful way to succeed.

Here’s a guide to the four steps of It’s My Life:

Like four notes in music played at once that create a result greater than the sum of the four parts (In German we call this ‘Vierklang’).

How it works:
The simple steps of It’s My Life

Step 1

I create my Purpose
At the heart of it all is ‘Why’ ‘Wherefore’ am I here? Sounds big, but don’t worry, we’ll take you through some dynamic exercises to help you draw this out.

Step 2

I set my Vision
2022 is exactly the right time for your new you – where do you want to be? In other words, what is your vision?
Where I am in 5 years as it all went ridiculously well?
Where do I want to go? What’s the destination? In other words, what is my vision?
Important: I write in past tense, as if I’m already 5 years ahead

Step 3

How do I get there?
What is important in HOW I get to my Vision?
What kind of behaviour is in line with my values to reach my Vision?
This is all about how I’m going to behave. It’s about what I hold dear, which we often call our Values.

Step 4

What are my strategies?
What will I DO in the next 6-12 months?
Let’s get strategic and figure out what I need to do to achieve that Vision and the order I need to do it in.

That’s it. Let’s start the journey together.

You’re only a couple of clicks away from making it happen.